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Travertine Tiles

Travertine Tile is a Natural Stone that offer a natural look which is often used in different developments ranging from residential to office flooring.  Although known for housing and office use, it can also be applied as façade material and wall cladding. With unique looks such as mosaic, vaincut or crosscut patterns, it consists of various finishing’s such as honed or polished. This tile is available in a number of different sizes with shades of cream/ beige, brown, pink and gold. Apart from Travertine tiles, we also Supply Marble Tiles, Granite Tiles, Sandstone Tiles, Limestone Tiles, Natural Stone Cladding and Natural Stone Basin. To find out more about our Travertine Tiles, Please visit the Links Below:

Travertine Cape Town


  • Vein Cut Travertine Vein Cut Travertine
  • Unfilled Travertine Unfilled Travertine
  • Super exclusive Travertine Super exclusive Travertine
  • Silver Travertine Silver Travertine
  • Orange-Grey Travertine Orange-Grey Travertine
  • Onyx Travertine Onyx Travertine
  • Light Grey Travertine Light Grey Travertine
  • Light Classic Travertine Light Classic Travertine
  • Light Cherry Travertine Light Cherry Travertine
  • French Jumbo Pattern Travertine French Jumbo Pattern Travertine
  • Exclusive Travertine Exclusive Travertine
  • Cloudy Travertine Cloudy Travertine
  • Dark Cherry Travertine Dark Cherry Travertine
  • Classic Travertine Classic Travertine
  • cappuccino Travertine cappuccino Travertine

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